3 survival Steps to survive your first Minecraft night

Minecraft survival

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Ok so let me guess, hmmmm you have played creative mode and obviously made many fine looking building in that mode using the unlimited amount of resources you have with you and now you want to jump in the Survival mode and try your real survival instinct.
Well let me tell you one thing survival mode is the best mods of all and if you play it with concentration then there is a good chance that you feel as all the things are going on with you in the real world 🙂

Ok what you can do in the survival mode is to have a good house build, an functioning farm, or animal farm right besides you, also you can save some villages from the monsters and even saving the world by defeating the Ender Dragon, yes you read it right there is a end to the game by killing the ‘Dragon’.

minecraft_village_by_minecraftpl-d4a5fee 1258748-thumbnail the_ender_dragon_by_lmfao12345-d5tiui6

But in the survival mode before every thing else you have to start with your first step ‘Surviving first night’ in the forest when you are all alone in the world with monsters and zombies around you 🙂 Well don’t be scared just follow the below steps and you will do good.

Note : one daylight or night in the game is equals to 10 min each in the real world, so you have to get every thing in first 10 mins.

When your world stats you never know what it is going to be. It could be a flat desert with nothing for miles, or you could be on the island with plenty of water all around you, or you could get a perfect world with trees and caves aplenty. You will have to adapt to your surroundings right away. Or just make a temporary shelter there and when you have resources then go and find a perfect place to live maybe on the seashore or near to the waterfall 🙂

Lets go the step no one and the most common thing to do.


1. Getting the wood and making crafting table


As soon as you start the game go to the trees and start punching them and gather atleast 10 to 15 logs, then start making some wood planks from them and after crafting table. Crafting table is the place where you are making almost all your tools in the game.
wood crafting table pickaxeclip_image0184
When you have plenty of wood planks with you, make some stick by placing two planks/wood block vertically and also you have the crafting table with you lets now go to step two.

2. Time to Mine but don’t go that deep yet!

Believe me as soon as you get the above items, craft a wood pick-axe with it, may be get 2 to 3 pick axe and find a nearest cave around you. Caves helps in quickly finding the resources without digging in the ground. Survival mode will get better after you first night. just get some food and sword and start mining in the night and farming in the day, that the survival fun.

Screenshot_1 minecraft_pe-diamond-lapis-iron-coal-gold-redsone-1038x576


Now get some cobblestones and some coals so that you can craft torches with it and make stone tools from cobble stone.

stone_sword stone_axe stone_pickaxe stone_shovel

3. Making a small shelter for the first night

Well after all this the day is about the go down so now start making a small shelter. and for that you don’t have to do much.

Craft a stone shovel and start gathering some dirt from the ground around you and make a small house something like these.

images getting20started-5239534 minecraft18
Torches are very handy in the survival mode. Make some torches and use it around you house for the light. dig some holes around your house so zombies cannot cross them, make a door and place it and leave some blocks from the wall so you can peak out and view the zombies.
Start Crafting more tools while you are in your safe house, make a furnace, and don’t forget to make a chest to store you Valuables in it.

clip_image0223 clip_image0243

That’s it before you know it the Night will be gone and now you can roam around in the wild 🙂

Next we need to make some food, also Please share you first built survival houses with us 🙂
As for me my first shelter was not basically a shelter rather it was just dirt’s piled up atleast 3 blocks and i was waiting at the top till the Sun gets up 😀

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