Are you growing wheat yet ?


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Farming allows you to plant most crops on farmland blocks created by a Hoe.

So your first step in farming is crafting a hoe of any type (probably stone). Next, pick a small area of grass and dirt. It’s pretty important to setup your farm near natural water (or water placed with a bucket).

Getting Seeds:


Wheat seeds can be found by breaking Tall Grass either found naturally in the minecraft world or grown by using Bonemeal on Dirt or Grass blocks. You can also feed the seeds to chicken for farming them.

Hydrating Land:


After you gathered the seeds now its time to plant them on the hydrated sand. Take out your hoe and start hoeing the land and make them farm land.


once hoed now plant the seeds in them and wait for them to grow. Wheat goes through 8 stages of growth. The beginning stages are green and will have no yield if harvested. Wait until they are somewhat near yellow, that’s fully grown.



After the wheat in a block has reached the same height and has gone yellow, it is ready to harvest. Once harvested, they will drop 1 wheat and between 0 and 3 seeds that can then be replanted again.

Wheat can also be grown by using bonemeal on a planted seed (regardless of whether it is close to water).

Note : Stomping on your crops will slowly hurt them, so be mindful of where you are walking. You can, however, sneak over your crops by holding shift as you move. Creatures can also harm crops by walking on them, so keep them out by following the tips in the Speeding Things Up section above. Happy farming!


minecraft_13w18_3 crafting a cookie minecraft Crafting-Bread 92

Seeds from the can be used grow wheat as shown above.
Wheat can be used to feed animals like cows and sheeps
you can also make bread from wheat, store it and then eat at any time 🙂

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