Biotin for hair loss, hair thinning, skin and nails

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When we talk about the biotin many question comes into our mind like is biotin good for hair loss and thinning? Is it effective in preventing hair loss? and how much should he the intake per day to help in preventing hair loss or alopecia? So lets Discuss.

Pick any shampoo or any cream or any supplement that is good in preventing the hair loss and your will see the biotin is included in its ingredients

Good hair depends on the body’s ability to construct a proper hair shaft, as well as the health of the skin and follicles. Good nutrition assures the best possible environment for building strong, lustrous hair. But this is not a quick fix.

In short if you start to take good care of your hair from today then you will be happy to see the complete results in 3 to 4 months. Changing your diet from today will effects your upcomming new hairs and not that are already damages.

But fear not your hair will stop shedding and Yes your already loss hair can regrow and they will start getting thicker, so take a deep breath and relax.

Well there are many nutrients that helps in making your hair healthier but we will discuss them in other posts.
Lets Start with Biotin today.

Biotin is a B vitamin essential for hair growth and overall scalp health. Because our bodies make their own biotin in the intestines, and it is plentiful in many common foods, deficiency is very rare. Vitamin E is one of them. Looking at the reviews and ratings when it comes to hair growth and regrowth results, it does not perform quite as well as biotin does for people with hair loss.


Benefits of biotin

No surprise, biotin is good for not only hair loss but also almost anything to do with good hair. From growing long hair to helping you regrow lost hair, it is widely known that you can use biotin to thicken your hair, make it grow long and look shinier.

Biotin offers preventive and therapeutic benefits for a number of conditions including

Helps stimulate and grow hair stronger and thicker.
Biotin lengthens and thickens soft, brittle nails
Aids in metabolism thus, managing weight and lowering cholesterol
It has also been used alongside other medications to manage type 2 diabetes
Biotin is used to treat androgenic alopecia in men
Used to treat skin conditions like dermatitis
Important for embryonic development of the baby

So the next question will be How much is the dosage to help hair loss

Daily dosage

The daily intakes of biotin have, however, been set to the following limits for people who are trying to grow hair and do away with the problem of hair loss:

7 micrograms for children below 12 months
8 micrograms for children between 1 and 3 years
12 micrograms of biotin for children between 4 and 8 years
20 mcg for those aged 9 to thirteen years
25 mcg for ages fourteen to eighteen and finally
30 mcg for adults above 18 years

Although 30 mcg is very very easy to get from the daily natural diet but if there are deficiency in your body and need some fast effcts then the biotin suppliments comes in hand that comes with 1000mcg 2500mcg 5000mcg even 10000mcg softgels.

Sources to find the biotin

biotin-natural-food-sources (1)

Eggs, peanuts and peanut butter, almonds and almond butter, wheat bran, walnuts, Swiss chard, whole wheat bread, wild salmon (fresh, canned), cheese (fat-free, reduced-fat), cauliflower, avocadoes, raspberries

Just add some if these in you daily diet and you are already good to go.

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