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Bollywood is a massive fortune industry and economic bone in India. People from all over the country traveled to metropolitan city with dream in their eye that one day they will be seen on big screens as well. However very few get succeeded and rest of the others either go back to their town or find any other  job in the city.

In this industry there are many superstar which were nothing before and they strive for what they are now. They were not only King and Queen of Bollywood but they rule the hearts of the common people. In the golden era the actors or actresses who set remarkable trends and benchmarks were Amitab Bacchan, Mithun, Dilip Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Rishi Kapoor, Rajnikant, Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Dharmendra and so on. All were pioneer and versatile in their roles and still some are giving concrete performances in todays movies. Now if we turn around and see other side of the picture then we can see that some of the actors/actresses children tried to startup their career on big screen. But we can count on the fingers who succeeded in establishing their hit and promising presence in Bollywood. So… what about the rest.. Well here is a list of top failed actors or actresses who had once superstar Dad or Mom…











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6. Abhishek Bachan


Abhishek Bachan

Unlike all time superstar Amitabh Bachan, Abhishek Bachan is a flat faced without expressions and versatility lacking actor. He debuted in year 2000 in a movie “Refugee”. He was just on a par while Kareena Kappor, who also debut in the filmed, received much appreciation. She was seeing as a more successful and better actress than her sister ” Karishma Kapoor”. Abhishek later on tried many movies but hardly appreciated in very few movies like Bunty Aur Bubbly, Sarkar and Dhoom series. His look alike acting in all movies and flat dialogue delivery makes him common person than actor. Due to this is didn’t match the pace with his fellow actors.

5. Fardeen Khan


Feroz Khan(L) & Fardeen Khan (R)

As being a son of Feroz Khan he has not in any way a characteristic of his farther. fardeen Khan’s first movie was Prem Agan which was badly flopped in cinema. All were due to his non appealing acting in the movies. It was soo bad that it could never be done in any good way. Yes Sure !!

He done more movies later on many were multiple cast movies. In very few movies he leave some sort of mark in comedy style. We believe that he need to take classes to improve his acting before he continue to provide his services to the industry.Let see how far he goes in his career without bringing any change in his acting…

4. Esha Deol


Esha Deol -on Left with mother Hema Malni

Here is a diva who didn’t received any light and attention from viewers. She debuted in 2002 from movie “Koi mere dil se poochhe” and  then appears in many other movies. But many of them get flopped or didn’t make any impression in front of audience. Hema Malni dream so see her daughter as a shinning star never became reality but its gives sort of nightmare to her..

3. Tushar Kapoor



Tushar Kapoor

Despite having superstar father Jatinder and producer Aikta Kapoor, he badly failed in his career and also with vulgar movies he lost his remaining image. After getting flop in his starting movies as solo and start appearing in multiple cast movies. Jatinder tried his best to make his son hit on screen but audience rejected completely not only his acting but his stories as well. Kiya Kool hain Hum series was better for his career as he played role as a comedian. However we didn’t see any guts in him which could take him to the league of his father. He is much better in a role without a dialogues…

2. Luv Sinha



A son of Shartughan Sinha and brother of Sonakshi Sinha, Luv Sinha debut in 2010 movie Sadiyan but sadly he never received any recognition after it. we have not seen him since then. Sonakshi Sinha is currently top heroine in Bollywood and continuously receiving appreciation   from audience. Luv shinha proves to be a “Khamoshhh” for his family… Luv Sinha !! Dont you have any other job to do in whole country..

1. Memoh Chakravarty


Mithun chakravarty was once best action hero and dancer in his time. Disco dancer was like compulsory in every party his films bring disco trend in country. When his son Memoh Chakravarty entered his footsteps in the industry all were thinking him like his father. Surprisingly he shows no spark in him. He debut in Jimmy 2008 but he hardly receive notice. Second movie murderer was all time flop movie on cinema screens and anyone could think like why he is in this industry..Currently the horror movie Haunted 3D gives him some good news however its not enough to carry on what his father did many years ago..

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