Calcium Benefits, Daily dose, Foods containing calcium

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Bone is living tissue, constantly renewing itself. Although bone is strong and relatively flexible, everyday wear and tear causes tiny structural defects, much like those that occur in the foundations of a building over time.
Calcuim is stored in the teeth and bones where it provides structure and strength. Low intakes of calcium have been associated with a condition of low bone density called osteoporosis which is quite common in western cultures and which often results in bone fracture.
So if you don’t want paint in your joints of in your bones then start taking good care of Calcium intake in your daily dosage of food.


Calcium helps in making your teeths and bones strong.
Calcium also has a role in blood clotting and the regulation of muscle contractions including the heartbeat.
Calcium strengthens the backbone and ensures the right shape to the body, as well as helping to alleviate the presence of back pain.
Prevents Obesity – Calcium efficiently helps in maintaining optimal body weight in both males and females.
Doctors also use calcium to control high levels of magnesium, phosphorus and potassium in the blood.
Calcium helps in the easy movement of nutrients across cell membranes.
Calcium protects your teeth by keeping the jaw bone strong and sturdy throughout your life, which in turn ensures tight fitting teeth where bacteria cannot thrive.

Daily dosage

1-3 yr -Recommended Intake- 500 mg/day
4-8 yr -Recommended Intake- 700 mg/day

9-11 yr -Recommended Intake- 1,000 mg/day
12-13 yr -Recommended Intake- 1,300 mg/day
14-18 yr -Recommended Intake- 1,300 mg/day
19-30 yr -Recommended Intake- 1,000 mg/day
31-50 yr -Recommended Intake- 1,000 mg/day
51-70 yr -Recommended Intake- 1,000 mg/day

9-11 yr -Recommended Intake- 1,000 mg/day
12-13 yr -Recommended Intake- 1,300 mg/day
14-18 yr -Recommended Intake- 1,300 mg/day
19-30 yr -Recommended Intake- 1,000 mg/day
31-50 yr -Recommended Intake- 1,000 mg/day
51-70 yr -Recommended Intake- 1,300 mg/day

Calcium Sources

Good food sources of calcium include:

Broccoli, kale and Chinese cabbage

Soya beans, tofu and soya drinks with added calcium
Fortified cereals, juices and other foods

Some high Calcium foods

Yogurt, plain, low fat : 8 ounces(1 cup) : 415 (mg calcium)
Mozzarella, part skim : 1.5 ounces : 333 (mg)
Yogurt, fruit, low fat : 8 ounces : 313–384 (mg)
Milk, nonfat : 8 ounces : 299(mg)
Milk, buttermilk, lowfat : 8 ounces : 284 (mg)
Orange juice, calcium-fortified : 6 ounces : 261 (mg)

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1. Daily Calcium need and Benefits

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