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Minecraft 2 In line or out of scope ?

People are enjoying “minecraft” while some people have started hoping for the second part of the this well known game. Recently company’s CEO have explained that there is no possibility of introducing “Minecraft 2” as they are enjoying the success of current one, said in Gamescom 2015.

Mojang said, their company have no plan to think about the sequel of the game at the moment and the plan could be retained for around 10 years. However, the time period is tentative and if they feels that players have achieved much more and looking forward for new adventure then big step will be taken in this scenario.


Company is working to target all platform players.


The company is working to make the game available for all platform and to target players on a wide scale. He said ” Even in the checklist of Microsoft, the sequel has no place for long time and never the game was developed with that philosophy as well.”

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