Top Tips To Lose Weight Without Exercise

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Do you know that you can lose  your weight without exercise or joining the gym and by just doing routine work. Well you will think that you are already doing so but nothing is happening. The point is that to get maximum from a work a proper and effective way is need to be adopted. There are many simple routine habits that can help you lose your weight. Some habits have nothing to do with conventional diet or exercise plans. You can use trick like smaller plates, eat more slowly, drink water before and in between food intake and avoid eating in front of the TV or computer. Selecting foods rich in protein and viscous fiber may also help. So here are some tips to lose your extra unnecessary fats.

1. Take yourself off the static routine. Increase the potency of your everyday tasks, from vacuuming to walking, cleaning your room to other more rooms, watering a lawn to car wash.  “Turn on some music, add in some vigorous bursts, and enjoy the movement”

climb2. Climbing Stairs. Climbing stairs is a great leg exercise, because you’re lifting your body weight against gravity. In addition to taking the stairs at every opportunity, try stepping up and down on the step or footpath while you’re waiting for the bus or for friends.

3. Put a pen between your shoulder blades. You’ll burn calories in appropriate posture or when you are standing tall. To improve posture you can do this. Stand or sit with your arms relaxed at your sides, palms facing forward. Visualize a pen placed vertically between your shoulder blades, and squeeze them together as if you were trying to hold the pen in place. Hold for a count of 6, relax, and repeat 12 times.

dumbbell4. Think weight you lift as dumbbells. When you let some other person hold your groceries or carry your suitcase, you’re missing a great opportunity for strengthening and calorie burning, says certified coach Beth Rothenberg, who teaches a class for fitness professionals at UCLA. “Carry your groceries, balanced with a bag in each hand, even if you have to make several trips,”. “And pack two smaller suitcases instead of one big one, so you can carry them yourself.”

Also you can use water or juice bottle as a dumbbells while carrying and moving them  from one place to another. Like 1.5 litre bottle of soft drink or 1 litre of juice or milk bottle.

distance5. Don’t avoid distance. “Stop using the closest rest room, parking space, or vending machine,” Physicians advice their clients to get in the habit of taking the longest route to the rest room (on a different floor, if that’s possible) and climb stairs to get there.

Also if you are excessive user of bike than their is likely more chances that you will  gain weight time by time. Try to park bike at distance or if you are going somewhere near to you like 300 to 500 meters than avoid bike and opt for walk. It will greatly decrease the calories in the body.

6. Do Step ups. Well its not a new movie on dance moves however this activity involve moves to some extent. Try to stand up, and sit down slowly four times,”  “This will boost circulation and give you a nice stretch, and you’ll be doing 4 squats an hour, or 32 a day. That’s a great way to strengthen your lower body.”

7. Stretch during a pause. Don’t just sit there while your computer is downloading or the copier is collating or your game is loading. Do a stretch (place both hands behind your head, open your elbows, and lean back), try balancing on one leg, or do a few  buttocks squeezes. You can also move around while the pause to make better the blood circulation and burn some calorie.

ballgym8. Ball instead of chair. You may have seen giant ball at gym on which every try to balance itself. Well you can replace your desk chair with a giant exercise ball.  “You have to engage the core muscles to maintain stability. so you’re getting a great workout right at your desk.” This idea is already adopted by many people and the responses are positive. You can try it .



Some more tips:

  • Wash and wax your car weekly. You can lose 282 cal during 1 hr activity.
  • You can do vacuum and iron for 30 min. By this activity you can lose 152 cal.
  • Moving in a mall for 1 hr will burn your 210 cal. So window shopping has now one more advantage. 🙂
  • ercIf you love plants, grass and gargen then do gardening for 30 min. It will burn 360 cal in 30 min activity.
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