Top 10 MineCraft Facts

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Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things.

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10. Skeleton suicide


If you are under a skeleton, it will shoot itself. This fact is a fun, try it yourself go near to a skeleton and when he sees you just start shovelling just 2 blocks deep and go inside of it. The Skeleton will come right up on your head and then you can test the fact 🙂

9. Minecraft surface area


The Minecraft World is approx. eight times the size of Earth’s surface area.

Out of other facts this will exhaust you by just imagining it. we haven’t seen the entire world yet and they are saying 8 times. That’s a lot of running in the game 🙂

8. The first version of minecraft


The first version of MineCraft was created in just six days.

Six day’s either it was just the name of the game or maybe the team consist of thousands of developers and designers, Just kidding it was the first release 🙂

7. Wrong Name


Every once in a while, the game gets its own name wrong 🙂

Hahaha Mistake that will poke you for your entire life, Minecraft i am talking to you, or is it minceraft, of i got confused, lets go on other facts.

6. Xbox Live game


It is the most played Xbox Live game

5. Cave Game


It was originally called “Cave Game”

4. Fishing in MineCraft


You can fish underwater. Now thats fun 😛 But wait i can’t breath under water? or can i Hello Puffer fish potion, now i can breath for entire 3 minutes, yehh me.

3. Ghast sounds


Ghast sounds were made by C418’s cat. I hate him Whenever he shows up i rain him with arrow making him cry and then i collect his tear or maybe its ‘her’ tear.

2. MineCraft Sold !!


Microsoft bought Minecraft for amazing amount of $2.5 Billion :O

Do you even know how much is Billion??? a single is equals to thousand Million and a Million is equals to Thousand thousand $1,000,000. Thats just a million 2.5 Billion is $2,500,000,000. Wooh That’s a lot of zeros. The Summery one of these Facts is Minecraft developers are very rich, they don’t need to do any other job for their life.

1. Endermen Sound


Did you know that the sound the endermen make was people at the office of mojang saying “Hello” and “Hi There” then played backward in a high pitch voice

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