Top 10 Reasons why Employees Quit

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Ok so you are running an organization and your employees are leaving and now you want to know ‘why?’. Employees quit their job for many reasons, but keep this in mind that majority of reasons why employees quit their job are under the control of the employer. Lets focus on them first.
Employee turnover can be a great loss, costly and time consuming. The best way to retain employees is to stay in touch with what they’re thinking. Are they happy with their work? Do they support the most important needs of your employees for meaningful work, market compensation and benefits? Thats why you should do some efforts to not let the employees go away. Here are some point that are among the common reasons of employees resignation.

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10. Opportunities to use skills

When employees use their significant skills and abilities on the job, they feel a sense pride, accomplishment, and self-confidence. Employees want to develop and grow their skills. If they’re not able to do this in your jobs, they’ll find one where they can. Make sure that you’re talking with them and that you know their hopes and dreams or sooner you employees quit.

9. Yearly / semi Yearly Increment


Why employees quit the job can be because of the reason that they don’t like the increment you are offering them.

This is one the common mistake organizations do by giving low raise to their employees and save some money, well although on one hand you have saved some money but on the other have hand you are just getting ready to lose a valuable employee.

What you have to do is at the end of the year go through each employees history of work and all the efforts he or she has done in order to provide the business and benefits to the company, and then increase their salary wisely that will make them happy and keep them working for the coming year.

8. Mandatory Overtime


Forcing employees to work over 40 hours causes not only hardship on the family at home, but also resentment toward management. No one wants to be forced to do something they don’t want to do.
Employees want a life. That’s why they work for you rather than owning their own business. They want to know that they can have a life outside of work. Enjoy all the other activities out there or spend great time with their family instead of just sitting in the office chair for hours, and going home late just to sleep and next morning its again to office. Don’t make them sit more them few hours in the office or your employees quit from your work.

7. Negative Workplace Attitudes


This is one of the fastest way to send your employee out of your organization door by surrounding him with pessimistic co-workers. Its absolutely against the employee peaceful work space if he is there is there and is forced to listen to gossip and backbiting of other employees 40 hours a week.  If you have one or two employees who continually bring down the rest of them with their negative talk and groundless rumors, you have to take some action against them before they eats away at every inch of your company.

6. Meaningfulness of job

Yes, meaningful work. We all want to do something that makes a difference and that let us do something new. Don’t let them work on something which is off topic. Every worker or employees wants to improve their portfolio or work experience by learning what is new to their marker instead of some meaningless work. Managers must help employees see where their work contributes to the execution of deliverables that make a difference in the world.  Help employees connect to why their work has meaning or they will find an employer who will.

5. Bored and unchallenged by the work itself

Of-course no one wants to be bored and unchallenged by their work. Really. If you have an employee who acts as if he or she is getting bored with their work, you need to help her find their passion. Employees want to enjoy their job. Work closely with employees who report to you to ensure that each employee is engaged, excited, challenged to contribute, and performs good.

4. Relationship with boss

The reason why most of the employees quit may not include this point but this is highly advised to look in the matters. Employees don’t need to be friends with their boss but they need to have a relationship with their leaders(bosses). The boss provides direction and feedback, spends time in one-to-one meetings, and connects the employee to the larger organization. A bad boss or bad behavior from their bosses can also let the employee to leave the organization.

3. Lack of Appreciation


This is the point that you need to focus most on, as you know any machinery needs oil in order to make it work efficiently just like that any employee need Appreciation to make him work have and with his heart. Appreciation is the # 1 ingredient to any relationship flourishing, whether it’s a marriage, friendship or professional one. Appreciation doesn’t have to take a lot of time or cost a lot of money. Don’t make your employees quit your job as it will hurt both of you in different manners.

It can be as simple as a note of appreciation after a job well done, Remember, behavior that gets appreciated gets improved and improved with time.

2. Poor Pay


This is one of the reason why your employees quit the job not immediately but after working for you for some months.

If you want a high quality employee, you normally have to pay a high quality wage. Don’t expect to do extra from the employee from low pay and don’t force them to work as hard as any other employee with good wage, this will only hurt them and believe me it will cost you a good employee sooner or later. You have to add it to your add this to your believes that if you pay a good wage, you will attract a good employee.

1. Not Enough Hours


That’s a no-call for work load, start balancing the work load of the employee as soon as you see’s it. It’s already hard enough for employees to make a living, and the extra workload can kill your resource by making him the hard discussion to resign. You can’t please everyone, but one thing you must do is to make sure that your top employees get enough hours and please don’t make your employees quit.

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