Top 5 Chest Workouts


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Started gym recently? Want to gain quick muscle on the chest? Then take a look at these top 5 chest workouts to gain muscle as soon as possible. Make sure to perform these exercises the right way or else you wont find the desired result.
Chest is that part of a body which not only needs muscle but also needs to maintain shape of that muscle. So include some shape building exercises in your workout too apart from these muscle building ones.

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5. Inclined Dumbbell Press


Believe it or not Inclined Dumbbell Press are amazing for your chest workout. Good body builders do these presses mostly as the starting exercises of the workout so that you can lift more weight. Try to life the maximum weight you can but make sure to perform the exercise correctly otherwise you will be pressurizing you shoulders more than your chest.

4. Inclined Barbell Press


Just like the Inclined Dumbbell Press the Inclined Barbell press should be in your chest workouts list, this will target you upper chest and pump’s up those Muscles.

Perform this exercise to build your upper chest. Slower reps put more pressure on the chest. Position the barbell rod right on the upper chest but lower than your shoulders.

3. Straight Dumbbell Press


There are many chest workouts out there if you are trying to find one. Chest is a large muscle group and needs groups of workouts of exercises to build it all at the same time.

Perform this exercise before the inclined presses so as to build the mass on the chest before you transfer that mass to the upper chest. Position the dumbbells right above the center of your chest and bring them down slowly. Then push the dumbbells up with force, pressurizing and compressing your pecs.

2. Pullover


This exercise can be the one you can start your chest workout. Stretch your chest the maximum you can before working on the mass. This may not be the best exercise for building muscle directly. But without stretching the chest you can not build a good shaped chest muscle. This is why pullover is ranked as the 5th best chest workouts for mass.

1. Push Ups


Many of us underestimate the importance of push ups. Many of us think of it as just a warm up exercise, but the truth beholds that push ups when performed either at the end of workout or regularly can build more muscle than any other exercise. Why ranked 4th? This is because push ups are not good for fast muscle building. It takes time to develop mass using push ups but once you do it regularly you will be surprised to see the results. Or if you perform push ups after completing your workout and test the limits of your muscle until it fails, then there is no better chest workouts out there than push ups.

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