Top 5 Dota 2 Heroes for Beginners

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Dota 2

Started playing Dota 2 recently? Having troubles understanding heroes? Well this is the perfect place to learn. Dota 2 heroes classified into 3 categories, namely Strength, Agility and Intelligence. The gameplay of the heroes can also be distributed into many like Support, Nuker, Initiator, Jungler, Pusher, Carry and many more.

Let me tell you a little about these gameplay types.

Supports are those which stay behind the team fights and use their abilities to support their team rather than being in the middle of the clash. Supports also by courier and ward the map to facilitate team players and let them know where the enemies are.
Nuker are those which have the ability of mass destruction, like Lina. They have the advantage of making good damage to all the enemies in a clash so they are very important in classes.

Initiator are those which initiate the fight. They have good Hp. Most of the times they also don’t need mana but a dagger is a very important item for initiators. They suddenly dagger into the middle and initiate the fight, let he enemies attack him while his friends attack the enemies in the meantime.

Carries are those which need items to be strong. They are very vulnerable in the beginning, But once they get their items they become invincible. carries may farm in lanes as well as in jungle.

Now that you know the basics, lets take a look at some easy heroes and their strategy used.

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5. Witch Doctor- Support


Finally, the number one, goes to witch doctor. But why? He is ranged. He has stun. He stays in the woods. And if he has got Shadow Blade his ultimate is the best. Witch doctor’s work is just to stay back in the start and use his paralyzing cask to get creeps and harass enemies. As soon as he gets a bit farmed, go in the woods and rat. Rat means hunt the enemies. Suddenly come out of a jungle, stun enemy, maledict him and use your ultimate. The best tactics of witch doctor. Paralyzing cask helps to keep the enemy in the same place for some while. Ultimate does instant damage and maledict finishes the enemy and baaaamm…!

If you have a shadow blade. Do you ultimate in the middle of a team fight and use shadow blade and go blind. The ultimate remains and no one can see you.

4. OmniKnight- Support


Omniknight is a very good hero to start with. Though he is a melee hero and beginners find it difficult to play with melee. But his role as a support are only to ward and use his abilities fro behind and refuel his allies. His abilities are easy to use, if you know what they actually do. In team fights his ultimate is all you need to win. Use Repel wisely or you shall hurt your own allies using it.

3. Crystal Maiden- Support


Crystal Nova is a big area of effect that damages and slows any enemy. It has has the added effect of slowing their attack speed, well, scary. Frostbite on the other hand is a single target root. It freezes the target in place, preventing them from moving or attacking. Not even blink abilities will save heroes from its icy grasp.

She also provides good mana regeneration to allies granting them a good advantage in the beginning, Stay behind, harass the enemies use frost bite often. In the late game, wait for team fights. Go in the middle and use you ultimate. But in case of a stunner enemy stay careful using your ultimate.

2. Axe- Initiator

axeAxe is a hero having much HP and Armor. He doesn’t need much items in the start to stay ahead of his enemies. To its easy to play with him in the start and farm lane. Back dooring is a good option if you don’t have any ranged enemies against you. But if you just try to farm slowly from the start you can be able to make good items soon and obliterate the enemies.

1. Sniper- Carry

SniperSniper is used as a carry. It may sound difficult in the start. But actually he is one of the easy heroes because of his range. Yes, he is much vulnerable in the start due to his very low HP and Armor but his range is his advantage. He can take last hits easily and harass the enemy too if needed. It is better to stay near the jungle rather than in the middle of the lane to farm. Keep him near to a point in the lane from where he can run easily to the tower in case he is attacked or ganked.

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