Top 5 Super Cars of 2015!

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Are you a petrol head? Then this is the best place you could be right now because we are going to take a look at the top 5 super cars of 2015. These cars are not only ranked on the basis of their speed. But we wanted to take this ranking into a wider perspective. This ranking is based on peoples votes as well as the specifications of the car and it performance. So lets go on a ride with the best supercars in the world.

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5. Koenigsegg One:1

KoineseggHere comes the insane death machine, the Koenigsegg! We think the Koenigsegg believes that if a person is buying any one of the Super cars then he does not want to live. So what they do is, attach a just a gurt big supercharged V8, and with a faintly ridiculous 1,341bhp and 1,011lb ft of torque. 249mph from a standstill in just 20 seconds – and then stop again in just 10. Still not impressed? No one ever lived to tell how it feels to go that fast….!

4. Nissan GTR

nissan-gtr-nismo-2015Yes it’s the Nissan’s well known Godzilla, the GTR, on number 5. You all must be thinking why a GTR is standing in the list of top 5 super cars.The reason is that this list is based on the people reviews rather than specifications. On paper, GTR may not qualify for the top 5 Super cars. But once you experience this car there is not a chance that you deny this. GTR is the most lively one of the super cars there is. The 2015 Nisaan GTR having a twin turbo 3.8L V6 engine capable of producing 545Hp doesn’t sound much like a super car right? But the truth is. When you combine this engine with a light weight chasis, an All Wheel drive, a dual clutch transmission and double wishbone suspension then what cooks in real super cars. A GTR is an overall complete package including performance, safety, technology and looks.

3. Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4

2015-lamborghini-huracan-lp610-4-photo-619993-s-986x603And as always, Lamborghini takes the lead. The all new Lamborghini Huracan with a massive engine of 5204cc which means a 5.2Litre DOHC 40-valve V-10, aluminum block and heads, port and direct fuel injection producing 602Hp and torque of 413lb-ft with the 7-speed dual clutch gearbox with manual override. Scary huh? Damn right!
Want to know the pros and cons of Lamborghini in a nutshell?

Unbelievable acceleration, enough to raise your heart beats to kill you.

The ultra sensitive transmission able to sense your moves before you make ’em

And as always, no technology, as compared to other cars. This point is the reason to make it number 2. Yes, a person buying a super cars wants a deadly car fast enough to kill him but if he is spending million of dollar to buy the car he atleast expects some technology in this modern era.

2. McLaren 650S

MclarenYes! It’s the ghastly faced Mclaren on top. Wondering why? Just look at it! McLaren’s  captivating shape has captured all the attention this year. McLaren and Lamborghini, as always, have a tough competition. Lamborghini for its super fast speed takes the prize but it might get you killed. McLaren on the other hand, though with a deadly shape and speed as well, isn’t so bad after all. It’s super amazing technology never fails to amuse you.
The top speed of 2015 McLaren is 205Mph.
Here is all to know about the deadly heart of this machine.


TYPE 90° V8
MAX RPM 8,500
POWER 650PS (478KW) 641HP @ 7,250RPM
TORQUE 678NM (500LB FT) @ 6,000RPM

1. Ferrari 488 GTB


On number 3 is the Italian’s Mid Engined turbochared LaFerrari. People are getting really enthusiastic for this one. It is said to be the most demanding version of Ferrari ever. The all new Ferrari is equipped with a Twin Turbo 3.9Litre V8 Engine capable of producing 492Kw and a torque of 720N-m. Quite much isn’t it?

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