Top Tips To Maintain Hair Health

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Have you been worrying about your hair health? Have you ever think while seeing yourself in mirror that what will be world look alike if every one would be with out hairs. Well, for many people its even odd to think that way . Hairs add grace in our personality and it has very importance in our lives. Now a days you may have witnessed that more and more people around us have issues of baldness. People complaints about weak, damaged and rough hairs. Dandruff is also a very common problem which people are having and are seeing to be complaining about it. There are many factors but more commonly our routines and habits  are main causes of unhealthy hairs. Our diet is unbalance and we are very fond of junk foods. Also excessive use of shampoo and other over the counter products have contributed equally in  this dilemma.

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In this article we will cover up some best techniques and advises to tackle with hair health issues. These are very effective to many people however those who are having severe and prolong condition should consult with their doctors. You may also think that tip sand treatments are taking time but believe me , damaged and weak hairs is not a result of one or two days. It would have taken weeks and month to become what they looks now. So patience and consistency will bring best results in repairing and shielding your hairs and scalp.. So here are few tips for your healthy hair.


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Apply olive oil to your hair and massage the scalp at night and wash it off next day in the morning. It will bring shine into hairs and also it will moisturize the scalp to prevent dandruff, and itchy skin.

-Combination of egg yolk vinegar and hair oil is also very effective for hair shine and strength. Take the mixture, apply on your scalp and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Later on rinse your hair with water of normal temperature. Its a great remedy for your hairs.

-You can also use fenugreek seeds with mustard oil for healthy skin/scalp. Massage your hair with this oil on regular basis for best results.

-Use of coconut oil with lime juice is another tip to get rid of dandruff and have a shinny hair. You can apply this on daily basis. Lime juice reduces dry skin and coconut oil moisturizes the skin.

-It is also a tip to brush your hair with gentle when they are wet. The hair are 3 times more weaker when they are wet than normal hair. Try to dry your with towel gently and then brush  hair with care 🙂hea 4

-Also rinse the hair with lemon juice bring life and shine to your hair when they looks dry and dull.

-Make it routine to massage your hair with olive oil and almond oil every week or what ever routine suits you best. Keep in mind that these oils are life saving for your hair.

-Try to make different combination mentioned above and it is not necessary to follow every tip at a same time or day or in a one go. Go for which ever suits you.

-Use oil with yogurt is also a good natural conditioner for your hair. Apply it for 30 minutes and then rinse it with tap water.

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Some more tips:

To make sure you are getting good care of your hair health, we are listing some more tips that will help you out achieving you goal for better hairs.

-Wash your hair thrice a week or at least once in a week.

-If you are facing issue of dandruff then use oils and massage your scalp softly. Make it a habit to cure for dandruff and dry scalp. However if dandruff is persistent than consult your doctor as he will suggest the cure according to your skin condition.hea men

-Use shampoos and soap which are well known for hairs. If you frequently uses shampoo then make sure that they are mild shampoos. The excessive use of chemical products can damage and brittle your hairs.

  • Wash frequency: If your skin is oily then you need to shampoo your hair frequently like alternate days.If your hair are chemically treated then use only prescribed shampoo.If you see flakes then you need to shampoo thrice a week with above mentioned tips of using different oils and combinations.
  • Massage: It is very important to massage shampoo on scalp and not at hair tips to cleans flakes.
  • Conditioners: Use good conditioner after a shampoo to neutralized any effect of chemical and it also give shinning look and protection against UV.
  • Protection against chlorine: use swimming caps and later on use specific shampoo and conditioner to revive your hair shine. Chlorine water makes your hair dull and dry.


There are more tips and advises on hair health but all can not be written here that is why few good point are written here. If you have some tips or suggestions in your mind than don’t hesitate to write us.

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