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In our childhood we had games which were hardly 300 MB in size and had pixelated graphics. To run the game we need to have a machine with 233Mhz processor and 128MB ram…. what a time that was!!  but with flying time and innovation in hardware and gadgets we now have games in our hands with a size of 1GB and quadcore processors with at-least 1GB ram. All are in our hands.

Most of the trending action android games require power full handset and if your are lover of games and have setup devices e.g separate speakers and joystick then it will give you out of the world experience. Although every one have different taste and their opinion may vary however these games will be able to skip some boring time from your life. So here are 5 action games you should have:

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5. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5..

The warfare games is favorite genre of today’s gamers. They control, command and shape their troops and battlefields which every gamer wanted to do like in action movies. They compete with other players online and show their skills and superiority in rankings. It fulfill their dreams to be a super hero type. Seriously !! well it happen to some players if not all. ok back to the topic..

Its among most downloaded and best FPS games. The graphics are obviously great and now player can play it online with friends as well. The weapon ranges from pistols to rocket launchers and A.I difficulty can make you think as if you are in hell. The weapon sound is good but little bit far from real one.

4. Vice City

Vice City

Players already aware of the game as its one of the best PC game ever. It is open world action adventure game and player have plenty options to survive in that world. He can complete task, perform jobs, could become a gangster or any person. You can ride a bike, car or even helicopter.  You can play it in your own style and can become any thing you want. Hit n Run, punch a walking people, fight in a bar, snatch a vehicle or even kill a cop. It gives unlimited hours of fun to players. So keep your mobiles on charge !!!

3. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2.

Its a first person survival horror action game in which we will be shooting a!!!! aliens.. no!!  then…. Zombies. The player need to clear 10 regions from zombies with access to 37 different weapons. The 33 different environment gives chilling experience to gamers. There is much blood and gore in game so player need to be aware of it if they have problem with such games. Overall  its fun pack game.

2. Modern Sniper

Modern Sniper

You have seen many movies of sniper (the best one is american sniper) in which they fought for country or for pride and achieve target with hardcore skills, survive through conspiracies and gives hard time to gangs, enemies or under world. Well player can be as badboy as in movies in the game modern sniper. The first person shooter game is like kill bill with different missions. Graphics are good and controls are easy. So get your gun and jump into the battle.Its good time killer.

1. Clash Royale

Two different stages of Clash Royale

Supercell is now known to be best game developer in android game world. The Clash of Clans and then Boom Beach hit the play store and received much praises. Now they have introduces Clash Royale in which you can see some old characters from previous games. But this time they bring tag war and you can battle with other player in real time and without any time bonding. Yes !! You dont need to wait for specific time before going into battle ground but you can play as much matches as you want.

You and your enemy have their castle and 2 towers each to defend. Each player have some characters or troops in form of cards. Each card needed some exilir before deploying it into battle ground. With the combination of cards, player attack each other until their towers and castle destroyed or match time ends. The winner get gold, chest and experiences. Its addicted game so be aware of it.

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