Top Entertainers Groups Battle | Who Will Win? You Guess!


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Entertainers in Pakistan are growing and getting off the charts. With the help of social media some of the hidden creative mind are showing their talent and displaying their humour in-front of their audience. Today we have listed some of the top funny groups who are getting all the attention of young users.
These people will full your day with joy and smile. You just cannot stop after watching a single video. You will see how they have turned their daily problems into funny punch lines and present it to the world.
But we don’t know who is the best amoung them, there fore we need your help to vote the best group by clicking on the thumbs up button next to their name.

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3. Karachi Vynz


Karachi Vynz is all about happiness, fun and entertainment. They belongs to karachi, pakistan and they are here to spread some laughters on your faces.
There videos are innovative and related to our culture based on the feelings individual have in their mind.
If you have already seend their videos then you might know what i am talking about, and if you didn’t you should go now and watch alteast some of their work.


2. 3 Idiots


3 Idiots are a group of entertainers from pakistan, these young mind have so much creativity that every new video that comes out is better then their last one.
Their timings, expressions and punchlines wins the heart of todays young audience. Their goal is simple to troll who promises to take away your depression, sadness and anger with our short films by bringing smile to your faces.


1. Bekaar Films


Bekaar Films although not that much bekaar as their name presents it. These group is also from pakistan and they are amoung the leading entertainers out there winning their audience. If you are having a depressed day then you must go and check their videos, they are full of laughters.
So what are you waiting for go watch their videos and start laughing.


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